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In this work, I delve into the captivating realm of fetishes, a universal facet of human culture. Across history and diverse cultures, these representations crafted from materials such as wood, stone, antler, bone, or shell embody the spirits of natural forces and have the power to both harm and heal.

Having spent an extended period living by the ocean, I embarked on a journey of exploration and revelation during my early morning excursions. Through FETISH, I engage with the remnants left by the tides on the shores of Sanibel. Pieces of shell, sculpted by relentless waves, alongside inhabitants like crabs and sea urchins, become parts of my documentation.  By scrutinizing them in ways seldom observed, and employing techniques of editing and magnification, I elevate the mundane and ordinary into realms of the extraordinary and enigmatic.

In my ongoing series "FETISH," I immerse myself in the realm of Scanography, a medium that captivates me with its unique fusion of traditional still-life photography and digital imagery. Through photography, I unveil the visible world before me, while Scanography grants me access to realms beyond the naked eye, unveiling intricate details previously concealed from sight.

Within this intersection of tangible reality and hidden intricacies, I find inspiration, creating images that merge the familiar with the mysterious, inviting viewers to explore unseen dimensions of reality.

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