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Valerie Sinclair is an award-winning Illustrator/Photographer living and working in Toronto, Canada.

A graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, Valerie spent the first 20 years of her career as one of the true pioneers of digital illustration. Originally working in airbrush, the transition to digital illustration seemed natural. The computer was able to give her a level of detail and precision that up until then had been elusive. Known for her sense of design, flowing style of line and subtle and sophisticated tonality, her illustrations have graced the covers of The Atlantic, Harpers, Forbes and numerous other publications. 


Sinclair actively focused expanding on her passion for photography in 2010.


Sinclair's father, an accomplished engineer and photographer, fostered a profound connection with his daughters through shared creativity. During formative years, Sinclair accompanied her father on exploratory ventures into the forest, wielding a vintage Leica to meticulously capture nature's intricate details on a microscopic scale. These immersive experiences amidst mushrooms, mosses, flowers, and ferns laid the foundation for her enduring passion for photography.


Within her work, Valerie explores the fascinating interplay between the structured symmetry of the mechanical realm and the organic imperfection inherent in nature. Through her lens, she delves deep into the subtle nuances and intimate intricacies of the natural world, offering a poignant reflection on its beauty and complexity.

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