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My creativity has been framed over the years, somewhere between mechanical precision and nature. I have developed my work within the context of diverse influences, ranging from my early experiences in an industrial setting to the connection I feel with the natural landscape and minimalist design.


Drawn to mechanical precision and detail from a young age, I spent weekends as a child exploring the workshops of my fathers manufacturing plant. Tiny screws, swirly metal filings, turned aluminum and copper wire formed the treasured collections of my youth. My father was an engineer and a photographer who bonded with his children through creativity. At an early age, forays into the forest with him to document nature on a microscopic level, mushrooms and mosses, flowers and ferns with his old 1938 Leica and my mother’s 2¼ cameras fueled me.


With my current works, I explore the imposition of the symmetry and perfection of the mechanical world on nature’s inherent imperfection and beauty. My desire and passion is to document the finest details of nature on the most intimate of levels, examining and revealing a beauty that we might otherwise never see. 


“Inspired by nature’s perfection and grace, Valerie Sinclair observes and captures extraordinary details from nature in a manner that transforms familiar life forms into secret, wondrous perspectives that create intrigue and incredulity.”


Linda Linsmayer 2016 

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