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I C O N S / P E T A L S

Iconography, although commonly associated with religion, can have an alternate meaning. 

Derived from the Greek word “eikenai” or “image”, an icon is also a powerful representative symbol

of a person or object. In this case, a flowers petals are used  as a metaphor.


In the series  I C O N S / P E T A L S, I photographically explore one of natures most tender yet

powerful creations, and its inherent connection with female sexuality, fertility, creativity and grace.


Through my process of examining and creating these icons, I journey to reveal the hidden soul and narrative within. While initially these images feel familiar, upon closer examination one realizes that these images are not what they first appear, they have been carefully crafted and constructed.


Whether I romanticize, document, or reveal truth about what I observe, I leave it up to you to interpret and uncover your own vision.

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